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a free runescape members trail

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a free runescape members trail

this is a free trail of runescape members.  the following game is still under work.  please go to to play the full game.  for free trail please email a user name and a password to

RuneScape - the massive online adventure game by Jagex Ltd

There are currently 142419 people playing!
02-Oct-2006Elemental Workshop II
In the library of the Digsite, an ancient book has been discovered that tells of the great metallurgist Vitruvius and his forgotten machinery hidden beneath the Seers' Village. Anyone with experience of the Elemental Workshop is invited to search for a copy of the book and delve even deeper into that mysterious place...
02-Oct-2006Behind the Scenes - October
October is here, and so is our latest Behind The Scenes article! Read about all the new and exciting updates planned for this month, including Costume rooms, Halloween, special capes, a new level to the elemental workshop, the players gallery, NPC makeovers and an odd little adventure about My Arm...
27-Sep-2006Area Sounds
Today we have updated the way that sounds work in the free and members' worlds. That's right, the area sounds update is finally here. Feast your ears on a medley of glorious sounds to help make your everyday RuneScape experience just that extra bit special...
27-Sep-2006Player interfaces
We're always looking for ways to make your RuneScape experience more enjoyable, and we now have the tools to bring you a set of new, more user-friendly player interfaces. The result is that you'll notice a whole host of changes...
27-Sep-2006Skill Tutors
This week the Duke of Lumbridge has recruited a number of tutors to help our new players, both F2P and members. Adventurers fresh from Tutorial Island can often find themselves a bit lost in Lumbridge, so he decided to offer a bit of a helping hand...
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